OCTW Mission Statement

Ohio Changes The World is a film project & lifestyle brand dedicated to highlighting and showcasing people from the Buckeye State who make a positive difference in the the world. Co Founder Seth Stewart and I have traveled the world throughout our careers and no matter where we have gone or who we have met we represented Ohio with pride. Seth and I share the belief that the state of Ohio is special and we believe many people reading this would also wholeheartedly agree.

Ohioans, Ask yourself…

What makes Ohio Special ? What makes us different ? Why are there so many Ohio pride clothing retailers ? Why do so many of us leave Ohio if we love it so much ? Why is that when we leave we take our state pride with us ?

I think it’s in our DNA whether you’re born into it or adopt it.

The first in flight and the first man on the moon were both Ohio kids with big dreams who didn’t quit and dared to be different. It may be something in the air or maybe something in the water but the state of Ohio is a breeding ground for individuals that go on to make a difference. Ohio has produced world famous innovators , leaders , athletes , entrepreneurs , artists , entertainers and many more. It’s our goal to introduce you as many of these people as we can.

What makes us different ?

I don’t know the answer but I know we are different. Hopefully during this project we get closer to answering that together. We all know where we are from is special. However, we often can’t really seem to articulate why it is . Throughout this project we will be trying to answer that question and many more.

I want you all to be proud of where you’re from and be inspired to join the list of notable Ohioans. Whether you’re 16 or 61 you can make a difference . It doesn’t matter if you’re originally from Ohio or you spent time in Ohio and adopted the culture overtime . You now have an advantage over your peers across the world because of your DNA. Whether you were born with it or adopted it , there is something about Ohio that infuses with your DNA that gives you the power to accomplish whatever you want to .

If you don’t believe me then you need to tune in and watch .

Our mission is simple.

We want to highlight and showcase Ohioans all over the world making a difference no matter if the reside in Kent or Kazakhstan.

How will we do this ? Really It’s simple. We will do what people from Ohio to do . We’re going to sit down and talk with them .

How you can help ?

I’m very excited about this project and I hope you are too. Seth and I have started the Ohio Changes The World lifestyle clothing line in an effort to raise money for travel and equipment costs. 10% of all profits will go to The Athletic Health Care and Fitness located at headquartered at Kent Roosevelt High School where Seth and I graduated from. Additionally Seth and I will be starting a Go Fund me designed to crowd fund sponsorship money specifically for this project . 10% of the Go Fund me money will go back to AHC&F as well. I will have more details on that soon !

Please subscribe to our blog so you can be the first to get the info on how Ohio is Changing The World.


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